'Craft' is a good name for a cafe at a boatyard, but it also refers to the food we prepare.  We make everything in-house, from condiments to baked goods.  We take pride in the food we prepare for you, and to the extent possible, feature locally-sourced ingredients.



Menu August 28


Pulled pork on roll with cheddar and house made slaw  $12

Curried Chicken Salad Sandwich with house made mango chutney on roll with greens   $11

Vegetarian Sandwich roasted cauliflower, red pepper mayo, American cheese, frizzled shallots and house made pickles on ciabatta roll.  $10

 Gluten-free bread available, add $2

Greens and grains salad with vegetables and house-made lemon vinaigrette $10

                                 Add chicken salad $3


Utz Chips  $1

** Quantities LIMITED; we may run out of food prior to 4 pm closing.

Unsweetened Iced Tea $2.50

San Pellegrino $2.50

Coke, Diet Coke $1.50

House-baked cookie $2

House-made ice cream sandwich $5


Prepared Meals +

We offer a rotating variety of  fresh and frozen entrees ready to heat and eat.  Below are samples of what we offer on rotation. 

Call to see what's available today.


Lasagna Bolognese

Vegetarian lasagna

Mac and Cheese

Meatballs in marinara

Chicken piccata, provencal, or tagine

Tomato-ginger soup (vegan) 

Dressings and spreads

With three days advance notice, we can prepare customized charcuterie or vegetable  platters, house-smoked chicken or ribs, or marinated meat or burger patties ready to grill. 

Looking for  fresh, local produce and/or pantry items?  We  carry a selection of locally-grown and produced items so you can host a small gathering or prepare a light meal.  Items will include, but not be limited to :


Local eggs, cheese, meat and fresh vegetables

Spice mixes


Locally-roasted Moses Dyer coffee 

Beer and Wine